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Pacesetters, Academy Wuye Abuja Off Idris Gidado Str, Wuye - ABUJA, NIGERIA




+ 234 (0)803 352 0718, +234 (0)805 978 7174

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Pacesetters Schools

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Welcome to Pacesetters' Schools

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Welcome to Pacesetters Schools

Pacesetters School is a co-educational private international college. The Founder’s rationale for starting Pacesetters’ is predicated on setting the pace for others to follow. Pacesetters’ offers world-class education. Our Founder, notes that, ‘The education of a child must be comprehensive enough to provide the students with leadership skills to excel in all of life’s feats. We face many challenges in today’s modern world and it is imperative that our youth are equipped with the knowledge, character and strength of purpose to navigate such trials. I am confident that the future alumni of Pacesetters’ Schools will have the integrity, wisdom and strength to be future leaders in whatever endeavors they pursue . This makes Pace setters to stand out as one of the best school's in Nigeria. We are really setting the pace!

Why Pacesetters Schools

There are many reasons why most parents are keen for their children to gain entrance to Pacesetters' Schools. However, one reason that sits high up on most lists is the ideal of uncompromised academic excellence. At Pacesetters', good character is attained by Pacesetters and those who remain morally upright have a high sense of self-discipline. A first class character with a second class brain is better than a first class brain with a second class character. Academics without good character amounts to nothing. We offer the best educational programs in Nigeria.


We place emphasis on academic excellence and character development. The vision of the school is producing a generation of youths with first class brain and first class character, who will become men and women of vision to lead Nigeria.


Our Mission is to ensure that our prestigious educational colleges and academies exist to be the centre of excellence and model of a coeducational institution in Abuja in particular, Nigeria and the world at large.


Our goal statement is to be the best in learning as well as in character.